CNC Punching machine Trumpf TRUMATIC 500R, second hand, new in 1999.

Type: Trumpf TRUMATIC 500R-1300 FMC
New: 1999
Movement X: 2535 mm
Movement Y: 1280 mm
X speed max: 90 m/min
Y speed max: 60 m/min
Speed max: 108 m/min
Number of strokes: 900 1/min
Numeric Control: Bosch Trumagraph CC 220 S

Punch power max: 220 kN
Punch Ø max: 76,2 mm
Plate thickness max: 8 mm
Max work piece weight: 150 kg
Color: white/blue
Weight: 11 300 kg
Electrical: 17 kVA
Dimension.L* B * H: 6900 mm * 5800 mm * 2200 mm
Working hours: 116 600
Condition: The machine is working condition now.
Safety light barriers, complete tool 15 kassets and matrices, multitool function, functions: full rotation of all tools, programmable stripper, punching slug suction system, programmable spray tool lubrication, recline clamps, sensors to reset small pieces, system shift sheet with pneumatic cylinders, processing without scratches (on the brushes), start switch, anti-vibration performance, waste transporter with compartment, instruction manual.
Price is open to negotiations.
Payment Terms: 100% before shipment, including 10% advance for reservation
Terms of delivery: FCA - Poland (INCOTERMS-2010) loading at track, customs documentation is ready.



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